The 5-Second Trick For process

rigamarole, rigmarole - a lengthy and complicated and confusing technique; "all that tutorial rigmarole was a waste of your time"

cecal appendage, vermiform appendix, vermiform process, appendix - a vestigial process that extends from your lessen end in the cecum Which resembles a little pouch

handle, take care of, treatment, deal - be answerable for, act on, or get rid of; "I am able to handle this crew of personnel"; "This blender are unable to handle nuts"; "She managed her moms and dads' affairs after they bought also aged"

Via the early sixties, Laptop Management program experienced advanced from keep an eye on Manage software package, by way of example IBSYS, to government Handle software program. Over time, desktops received faster though Computer system time was nevertheless neither inexpensive nor absolutely utilized; such an natural environment manufactured multiprogramming feasible and vital.

evolution, growth - a process by which a little something passes by levels to a special phase (Specifically a more Superior or experienced stage); "the development of his Concepts took many years"; "the evolution of Greek civilization"; "the gradual indian visa growth of her skill for a writer"

styloid process a protracted, pointed projection, specially a lengthy spine projecting downward from your inferior floor of the temporal bone.

fluoridate, fluoridise, fluoridize - matter to fluoridation; take care of with fluoride; "fluoridized h2o"; "fluoridize the enamel of youngsters"

To process foodstuff or Uncooked components is to get ready, change, or handle them as Element of an industrial operation.

process - institute lawful proceedings from; file a match towards; "He was warned that the district legal professional would process him"; "She actioned the corporation for discrimination"

The process wherein the plastic tubing is designed carries all over the manufacturing facility, as We are going to show around the tour about to be taken.

Certainly one of about 70 prominent meridional ridges projecting within the corona ciliaris of your choroid coat of the attention to which the suspensory ligament in the lens is attached.

ethmoid process a bony projection previously mentioned and guiding the maxillary process of the inferior nasal concha.

refine - take care of or get ready so as to set in the usable problem; "refine paper inventory"; "refine pig iron"; "refine oil"

five. dentistry A series of operations that convert a wax pattern, including that of the denture foundation, right into a stable denture foundation of another material.

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